23 Juin 2020 : Infos

This 23/06/2020, after several approaches to the regions, URSSAF and others, we are able to announce to you that we have had no right to anything: neither cash loan, nor exceptional state aid, nor aid from the region… So, for nearly 4 months of closure and 70% cancellations for July, the state has therefore granted us € 118 in total.

The causes of the refusal were worthy of a comedy:

– “You are not entitled to assistance because you are struck off”. After checking, it was an error after adding an activity. Corrected, of course, but the file is final

– “You are not entitled to assistance because you are not in order of contributions”. After verification, URSAFF never presented the direct debit request to the bank (which had never happened before). Even better, when they were contacted, they refused to give a reason and did not offer an alternative means of payment to the direct debit (due to the covid – I’m having fun -). And, the icing on the cake, € 49 of interest and € 55 of administrative fees to be paid for a delay that is their responsibility …

– “You are not entitled to assistance because you are also employed”. With a salary that does not cover the monthly expenses of the building, how do I eat?

– “You are not entitled to a cash loan, your activity is too recent”. It is true that from 2012 to August 2019, we only had a guest room and that the turnover increased with the establishment of the residence.

We have all heard our dear President promise aid to the most affected sectors, including tourism … Promise that there would be no bankruptcy … Oh, the intention is certainly there, but when a President must lie to his constituents to make them obey and when the cretinism and incompetence of the political class allies with collective paranoia such as the sheep of Panurge, nothing that is said should be considered and the promises melt like butter in the Provence sun … So, solidarity, I only got it from many customers whom I thank for their understanding for having accepted to cancel by losing the amount of their reservation because, without them, the president would have lied: we would be bankrupt…

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